We are proud to announce that we are the new catering team at Shebbear College. We are very much looking forward to our new partnership with the school and are creating new, exciting daily offerings including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack breaks as well as match teas and other events.

For breakfast, we will be implementing a smoothie bar with fresh fruits and juice that the pupils can pick and have blended into a custom smoothie. There will also be breakfast specials, which the chefs will adapt each day to add more variety to the morning offerings.

We will take full advantage of local fresh ingredients for the lunch offering, to reduce the schools carbon footprint, whilst at the same time providing amazing tasting, healthy meals for the pupils and staff. The team will be trained on creating more innovative menus and implementing these to reignite a love of food among the students. In addition, the lunch spreads will include grab and go options, freshly homemade bread to accompany meal items and Thomas Franks staples, such as daily soup and salad bars, hydration stations and fresh fruit.

Our dinner enhancements will include themed nights, more bespoke menus and special events, to keep the pupils entertained and enthusiastic about food.

We are thrilled to have the confidence of Shebbear College and we look forward to starting the transition during the Easter!