From today, thanks to the generous donations from our clients and other supporters, we are feeding the NHS staff working in the Nightingale Hospital in London. We will be producing 500 fresh and nutritious meals every day for a period of eight days.

The vast new hospital, which was created in just 10 days at the Excel conference centre in East London, has 4,000 beds for patients with Covid-19. Just highlighting, now, more than ever, how the NHS are under such intense pressure. There are many stories emerging about NHS staff who are exhausted after their shifts. For some of them the last thing they want to think about is what they are going to cook for themselves and their families when they get home. This initiative will at least take that worry away.

The meals are prepared, cooked and packaged at Streatham & Clapham High School. The school, part of the Girls’ Day School Trust, has donated the use of its Senior School building and kitchen facilities, whilst the children of key workers are educated at its Prep School facility.  Some members of the catering and other SCHS support staff are volunteering to help with the food preparation and enabling access to its facilities.

The meals are then transported in chilled vans supplied by Savona Foods and taken to the Excel Centre.  Once again, we would like to thank Savona Foods for their continued support and to Streatham & Clapham High School for opening its catering facilities.

As a result of this new initiative, NHS staff will be able to choose from a range of meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes, including chicken Penang and sticky rice with lime and coriander or coconut and sweet potato dahl.

The founder of Thomas Franks, Frank Bothwell, commented ‘We are thrilled to be supporting the NHS Nightingale, with free nutritious chilled meals for the nurses and front-line medical staff. The whole industry has really come together as one on this, which makes me very proud. Our help will continue for as long as needed and with the continued funding from our generous donors. Thomas Franks would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone working within the healthcare service for all their hard work during this difficult and uncertain time.