We recently launched our ‘Thomas Franks Talking Thursdays’, we spoke to Blain Shepherd, our Client Relationship Manager, who has been part of the Thomas Franks Family for nearly 11 years. 

Blain speaks about his journey through Thomas Franks, how he’s been coping through lockdown and what some of his favourite moments of Thomas Franks have been.

Have a watch here – https://bit.ly/3dwXgnD

On our second episode of ‘Thomas Franks Talking Thursdays’, we spoke to Holly Norrington, our HR and Training Manager, who has been part of the Thomas Franks Family for over 6 years. 

Holly speaks about how she’s been coping through lockdown, what her role entails and the different craft training sessions that she puts on. 

Have a watch here – https://bit.ly/2BYTZ3r

We held our third episode of ‘Thomas Franks Talking Thursdays’, where we spoke to Stuart John Howard, one of our Regional Development Chefs for the South West region. Stuart has nearly been part of the Thomas Franks Family for a year. 

Stuart speaks about what his role was during Feeding Communities, what he likes to do in his spare time and his inspiration when getting into ‘chefing’.

Have a watch here – https://bit.ly/3edNarS

On our fifth Thomas Franks Talking Thursdays, Anna spoke to our HR Advisor; Deep. Deep has been with Thomas Franks for over a year, where he started as HR Administrator. Deep speaks about his Thomas Franks journey, what his favourite aspect of his job is, looking after the Thomas Franks ‘fleet’ and how he coped with two young children throughout lockdown.

Have a watch here – https://bit.ly/3eOAVCI

Today we spoke to Tanya Lambert, on Talking Thursdays, who is Founder, MD and Producer of Tanyas Just Real. As some already know, Tanya was extremely generous during the pandemic and donated to us over 2000 different flavour pouches of her cook-in sauce, which were distributed to families within the Mayor’s Fund for London, Kitchen Social. Tanya and Anna speak about Tanya’s journey in starting ‘Tanya’s Just Real’, the balance of a working Mum and most importantly, the mental health in younger people, especially during this uncertain time.

Have a watch here – https://bit.ly/3exxrEe

For our next Talking Thursdays, we spoke to Reni, our Payroll Manager, who has been with us since 2014. Reni spoke to us about her work history before joining Thomas Franks, how she balanced working and home-schooling throughout lockdown and what her job entails.

Have a watch here – https://bit.ly/2DinxJI