This past week, we visited Holme Grange School, an independent school set on 21 acres in the heart of Wokingham offering outstanding education to children aged 3-16 and one of Thomas Franks’ clients since 2012.

On their campus, Holme Grange School have their very own farm, with a variety of animals as well as polytunnels where students grow their own produce and bee-hives where students are taught about bee keeping. The aim of Holme Grange Farm is to teach students about sustainable farming practices along with food sustainability and our role in helping the environment.

Last week was Holme Grange’s dedicated Sustainability Week. The Thomas Franks Catering team at Holme Grange with input from the school came up with special menus for each day of the week, utilising sustainable cooking methods. On Thursday it was barbeque day – oil drum barbeques and sustainably sources meats and fuels were used to create a fabulous offering. On Friday, the team highlighted sustainable fishing with a tasting table full of seafood sources sustainably and responsibly.

The sustainable cooking efforts go far beyond the dedicated week, with our team constantly adapting meals and menus to incorporate more seasonal and locally grown produce in an effort to continuously lower our carbon footprint at Thomas Franks.

Holme Grange are always pushing to be innovative and this has become even more evident with school returning after the national lockdown period. A unique idea implemented at Holme Grange is that of individual cutlery. Each child has a small pouch containing their own individual set of cutlery that they bring with them into the dining hall. This not only helps keep interpersonal contact to a minimum, but it also educates the students on how easily sickness can be spread, making them more aware of themselves and those around them.

We have always been proud to be part of the culture at Holme Grange and are excited to keep innovating and adapting alongside them to make the world a better place for future generations.