About Us


Thomas Franks is proud to have worked with prestigious clients in Scotland over the past five years. Some of our earliest and longest-standing locations are in Scotland and we have a well-established network of independent, high-quality suppliers and outstanding teams running our kitchens and events.

Our Ethos


    Thomas Franks has a well-established presence in Scotland with some of our longest-standing clients based there. We have excellent relationships with our Scottish suppliers and focus on the very best of local produce from our valued network of family-run suppliers.

    Headed up by Darren Hall and Thomas Cuthbert, our team work to deliver the highest standards in the kitchen and front of house.

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Our Values

  • Fresh Food
    Our passion for great food and service has been the foundation for our success. In Scotland our menus are designed by our local chefs for Scottish customers, using local ingredients and produce wherever possible.
  • Local Suppliers
    We hand-pick Scottish local suppliers to bring us the best of each season’s produce. It is important to us to not only support the communities in which we operate, but also to reduce our carbon footprint, and the mileage of the food we serve.
  • Support Teams
    We are proud to empower our chef managers to run their locations as if they were running their own restaurants, enabling them to develop fantastic relationships with our clients.

Our Founder

  • Frank Bothwell


    In 2005, Frank Bothwell and his wife, Emma Bothwell, set out to found a contract catering company with a difference. Focussing on freshly produced food cooked from high-quality, locally supplied ingredients, they quickly built a reputation for exceptional quality food and superb, personal service.

    From the very beginning, Thomas Franks has been a company which focuses on people: our employees, clients, suppliers and partners. The business is firmly rooted in our values of family, friendship and trust.

    Frank’s open-door approach has enabled him to remain fully hands-on as the company has grown over the past fifteen years. Thanks to the hard work of each and every individual who is part of the Thomas Franks team, the company has grown and expanded outside the UK, with operations in Malta, Portugal and Ireland.

    Over the years we have stayed true to our original vision for the company: we are a legacy business, family owned and run. Thomas Franks has always been, and will always be, about family – ours and the ‘families’ of our partners.

Key People

  • Darren Hall
    Regional Director Darren has a wealth of contract, commercial and independent school catering. As well as a good leader, he is able to motivate his team to deliver service excellence by listening and providing team direction. He ensures that each team has all the support they need, especially in terms of HR & training.
  • Thomas Cuthbert
    Regional Development Chef Tommy is a fantastic chef based in Scotland. Tommy has an in-depth understanding of traditional and innovative Scottish food and works with our clients and suppliers to ensure the best of local and regional produce is seasonally showcased around the year, in all of our Scottish locations.

Our Approach

Our approach always focuses on Food, People, Creativity and Finance. Our long-standing presence in Scotland means we have built strong relationships with producers and suppliers and know how to tailor our food to suit our Scottish audience, showcasing the finest that Scotland has to offer.

Our Partners