Thomas Franks are thrilled to announce that we will be the new caterer for Sherfield School. Based in Hampshire, Sherfield provides and immersive education from Nursery all the way through to Sixth Form. Alongside their great academics, students have the opportunity to take part in a host of extra-curricular activities, giving a well-rounded balanced education to all their pupils.

At Sherfield, we will be adapting the breakfast options and it will be offered every day of the week with a brunch on Sundays. This will include a selection of everyday items as well as a smoothie of the day, pastry and toast stations, cereal and yogurt bars and a hydration station.

The lunch and dinner variety will also be developed, creating bespoke menus for hot meals, salad options, a packed lunch offer and desserts.

Along with regular daily offerings we will be providing match teas for pupils after they take part in fixtures; paired with hospitality and special event catering which will be customised to the needs of each individual event.

Our commitment to improve the local economy will continue. As always, we will be using local suppliers to get the freshest, tastiest ingredients while also helping maintain a sense of community.

We are thrilled to be starting what promises to be a very happy partnership between Thomas Franks and Sherfield School.