Thomas Franks and Queen Mary University in Malta (QMUL) are partnering up to develop the best food to fuel the studies of the current and future academics.

Queen Mary University in Gozo is one of the leading British medical schools that has expanded their reach to Malta. Their facilities are state of the art and allows students to have in-depth clinical experiences and practical sessions in laboratories.

Food is essential to support the education of the students and staff at QMUL. Thomas Franks will provide healthy, nutritious meals in order for the academics to reach their potential.

We will be offering a grab and go service to suit the busy environment and lifestyle of a university student. Artisan sandwiches, rolls, ciabattas and salads will be constantly re-stocked so a student of staff members never goes without their desired choice. Freshly made coffee and cake will always be available, alongside a plethora of fruit and healthy snacks to fuel the students and staff throughout the day.

Among all of this, we will also be providing made to order smoothies. These will fit everyone’s preference and make sure students are consuming their 5 A Day whilst they are busy studying.

We are excited to embark on this new journey with QMUL and to participate in fuelling and feeding the next generation of academics.