This starts with their suppliers and their 2015 initiative to the ‘Community 2 Community Fund’ that ensures that every purchase of Mozzo Coffee has a positive impact on the coffee community and industry. For every kilo of coffee Mozzo invest 10p and to date they have invested £62 thousand into the fund which goes to Rebuild Women’s Hope (RWH) and Muungango. RWH and Community 2 Community Fund are currently working together to build the first ever maternity clinic in South Idjwi.  

Muungango, translated as ‘togetherness’ in Swahili, are a small start-up company that provides the most exceptional coffee. Located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozzo have partnered up with the small start-up to help produce: Black Label Espresso, Black Label Filter, Red Label Filter, Green Label Espresso and Mozzo Origin Coffees. The fund has allowed Muungango to build their own office, establish internet connection and support the wages of the staff in the company.  

Thomas Franks advocates for the support of local communities and their economies, anywhere across the world. We believe it is vital that the communities that produce our commodities are treated fairly and equally, whilst reaping the benefits of producing.  

Not only do Mozzo support their suppliers and their local economies, the coffee company also care about the environment. Their capsules are completely recyclable, all you have to do is fill up the Mozzo capsule recycling bag and once full it will be collected by Mozzo and reused!  

The environmentally friendly coffee company also use a wind and solar powered coffee cart with the emphasis on building a positive impact on the environment. This coffee art cart, happens to be the first of it’s kind – in the world!  

Thomas Franks use Mozzo Coffee in a number of locations, such as Gymshark and Scale Space. We believe that we share similar values as Mozzo Coffee: community, sustainability and loyalty. We are so proud to have them as a supplier, their mission is inspiring. Everyone in the Mozzo supply chain is supported and treated equally, this is a key factor in why we love to work with the company. The coffee suppliers also believe in being kind to the environment, via various initiatives they have put in place. This is important to us, as we are also striving to be as sustainable as possible, which is why having Mozzo Coffee as a supplier is one step closer to being more sustainable.