Thomas Franks Scotland, through the Thomas Franks’ Feeding Communities project, have worked tirelessly to bring to life a community kitchen project to feed the those in need during the COVID-19 crisis. Our priority is to provide fresh, nutritious meals and to keep our location kitchens working for the benefit of those who most need our help at this time.

Thanks to generous donations from our clients, and some selfless volunteering from a lot of The Thomas Franks Scotland team, we have been able to support local charities by providing fresh and nutritious meals.

Over the coming weeks, Thomas Franks will be providing over 60 meals a day, seven days a week, to Homestart East Lothian which is a voluntary organisation committed to promoting the welfare of families with at least one child under five years of age. Thomas Franks Scotland are also supporting, through the Loretto kitchen, Eat Well Age Well, they are part of the Food Chain charity, a national project tackling malnutrition in older people living at home in Scotland. 

Kenny Leamy, Head of Operations in Scotland, commented, ‘Given the circumstances, we are just happy to be helping wherever we can. We have been helping in the Dundee area and are delighted to be delivering meals in East Lothian and now Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. We are hoping to raise awareness, which in turn, we hope will help to raise more funds for The Thomas Franks Foundation (please attach the link) and would mean we can support more vulnerable families’

Thomas Franks would like to take this opportunity to thank Loretto School, as this initiative would not have been possible without them opening their kitchen enabling us to prepare meals. We would also like to thank our generous donors as without them, none of this would be possible.

Dr Graham R W Hawley, Loretto School’s Headmaster, commented, “We are delighted to support Thomas Franks’ Feeding Communities project – a wonderful initiative to support those who need it the most in our local community.”