During the period of lockdown the hospitality industry has been hit abnormally hard with a large majority of hospitality workers losing their jobs and companies going out of business. The fundamental basis of the hospitality industry is providing direct service to customers which has been impossible during this time. 

As the UK begins to ease the period of lockdown, restaurants are cautiously proceeding with opening their doors and with the government furlough scheme coming to an end; the impact the pandemic has had on the hospitality industry is becoming more and more apparent. Now is the time for action. Action to help hospitality workers who have lost their jobs, action to help remaining businesses survive. Action. 

This is where Invisible Chips comes into play. Just as crispy golden brown chips add to your personal well being (and taste bud satisfaction), invisible chips add the the wellbeing of others. Here’s how they work:

As an individual: You can visit invisiblechips.org and order a portion of invisible chips straight from their website, or buy a portion from a retailer participating in the scheme and 100% of the money goes to hospitality action and will help keep hospitality workers going through this difficult time. 

As a business: go to invisbilechips.org and sign up to become a stockist of invisible chips – people can then buy portions of invisible chips from you. 

Now is the time to come together and push forward so not just the hospitality industry but the UK as a whole can come out of this uncertain time stronger and more united. 

To buy some invisible chips or to watch their informational video visit https://invisiblechips.org.uk