Appearing on Mark Pitcher’s Smash the Box podcast, Frank spoke about how Thomas Franks is focusing on helping the community, social enterprise and the Thomas Franks Foundation. We are using the Thomas Franks Foundation to feed the vulnerable from kitchen hubs across the country, which has already reached out to organisations to feed children, vulnerable lockdown pensioners and the list goes on

Mark Pitcher says: ‘Today I talk to Frank Bothwell, inspiring Founder of Thomas Franks Ltd. Frank talks passionately about “The Thomas Franks Underground Movement” and some of the amazing initiatives that he and his team are launching during this time of crisis.

Some amazing stories coming out of the Hospitality Sector during this crisis. Individual stories…, team stories…, company stories…Human stories…

Stories of selfless and benevolent acts that will be talked about for years to come. It’s a privilege to bring them to you and give them a voice.’