Hulse is hugely important to Thomas Franks. As one of our original suppliers we have seen them grow alongside us and Lawrence and Beverly are very much part of the Thomas Franks family.


E S HULSE & SON was established in 1963 by Pamela & Eddie Hulse in St Albans. Eddie had started out as a salesman in the Old Covent Garden Market aged 14 years, earning 21 shillings a week and Pamela was the daughter of an old established Redbourn family the Drapers, who were greengrocers. They met when Pam accompanied her father to the market in the good old days, travelling by horse and cart!

Starting out together with a young family of four boys they opened their first shop in St Albans, where they are still based today. Business grew by slowly building the customer base, delivering to several local restaurants and schools. As time passed by and the family grew older, Laurence, their third son, joined the business and a decision was made to build a warehouse, which is the hub of the business today.