Key Features

  • Successful partnership established to determine a clear vision of what would appeal to the client’s employee base. 
  • Restaurant brand ‘Refuel’ created to offer a contemporary high-street inspired design. 
  • TF Executive Chef instrumental in introducing a wide variety of cuisine on a daily basis, including street food. 
  • Keen focus on healthy eating and ‘macro meals’ for health-conscious employees. 
  • Adaptable counters installed to keep the service fresh and exciting. 
    • The salad bar has a frost top so that it can be adjusted for other displays including a sushi or ramen bar. 
    • The pizza oven provides delicious thin crust pizzas and is used to bake bread and slow cook meats.  
    • The rotisserie oven and street food menus are particularly popular, offering tasty and flexible ‘grab and go’ options.  
  • Self-service checkout to reduce costs and speed up service.