The past few months has taken a toll on the nation’s mental health. Working from home and being unable to leave the proximity of your house has made many people feel more isolated and alone mental health has taken a knock across the country and worldwide. Mental health is quickly becoming a more talked about subject, but there are still sectors where the stigma very much prevails. One of these sectors is among chefs and kitchen workers in the hospitality industry, but there are many companies trying to change this. The Burnt Chef Project is a non-profit social enterprise setup and run to raise awareness for mental health issues within hospitality across the world. They do this through sales of branded items and generous donations from the public.

Being a family run catering company, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the working environments of our employees and increasing awareness for and strategies to help those suffering with mental health issues. The safety and wellbeing of our employees is a top priority for us at Thomas Franks and this project helps shed light on the issue of mental health in the hospitality industry, something that will allows us more resources and information so we can properly care for and help our employees that suffer from any form of mental health issue.

Our Innovation and Development Chef, Kevin Steele, spoke with Founder Kris Hall about the importance of diet, nutrition and the positive impacts to body and mind on changing your eating habits. Kevin also answered some questions, offered support and advice, as well as some written information around how you can help boost your mood through small changes in your diet.

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